Dell-centric: ABIA

Dell's media buy in Austin Bergstrom International Airport required a campaign to elevate claims for the Dell brand and advertise Dell's accomplished rankings. Our team's concept was to incorporate parallel Austin-centric claims to tie in the context of the airport by both welcoming visitors and reinforcing natives' sense of home. The installation of the campaign also coincided with the week previous to SXSW, Austin's annual music festival. Visitors from around the world attending the festival, including business decision makers, would be exposed to the installation. The simple illustrative approach provides a subtle visual reinforcement to the message and entices attention while remaining secondary to the messaging. The pattern fill in each illustration also serves to create some texture and additional depth to the large-scale media. A range of bold Dell colors also serves to draw attention in the vast and well-lit terminal. More than twenty Dell placements comprise the majority of the advertising space, creating a real Dell presence in the Austin airport.