Dell: Future Ready

As an extension of Dell's enterprise-focused "Future-Ready" campaign, our team's objective was to bring this concept to life in concrete, yet aspirational, ways for out-of-home placements at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Aimed at business travelers coming to Dell's hometown of Austin for SXSW and the Dell Match Play, the Airport placements were meant to convey Dell's groundbreaking technology capabilities by using real-life customer stories -- with the added challenge of not mentioning the customers by name.

The photographic approach paired sweeping, colorful imagery with anthemic, yet granular, copy. The call to action of 'see the full picture' meshed perfectly with the blurred / clear contrast in the imagery utilizing the campaign-specific "Future Ready" angle. It serves to inform Dell customers that there's a lot more to Dell than just PCs, and puts Dell at the vanguard of emerging technologies and innovative advertising.